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Marketing Agency in Cleveland Developing Digital Strategies That Grow Revenue: Case Studies

With more than 20 years in digital marketing, our marketing agency in Cleveland, Ohio has earned a reputation of being a partner who can fulfill a wide range of strategic initiatives that matter to your bottom line. Whether your goal is lead generation, brand exposure, or an updated website, we specialize in delivering timely results. See what we did for Medina County.


Amplify Online Presence and Increase Qualified Leads

Petit Auto Wash, an established manufacturer of innovative, patented car wash equipment, wanted to expand their brand awareness nationally and grow their distributor network. To amplify Petit Auto Wash’s online presence and increase web leads, Proximity Marketing launched a digital marketing strategy that generates traffic from qualified car wash owners and distributors.

With a more content-rich site, SEO and paid, targeted online advertising, Petit Auto Wash’s site traffic and web form conversions continue to grow month to month.




Average Monthly Organic Traffic Growth


Average Monthly Form Conversion Growth


Expand Customer Base and Attract Key Customers

As a fourth-generation family-operated business, CJ Dannemiller has a well-established reputation as a quality popcorn and nut product supplier in Northeast Ohio. With a healthy regional business, CJ Dannemiller looked to expand their brand awareness, and sales, nationally. Proximity Marketing implemented a web marketing program designed to attract new and returning customers.

With strategic content development, search engine optimization, and email marketing, CJ Dannemiller continues to grow their website traffic and sales. The addition of lead capturing forms has provided visitors with more ways to interact with CJ Dannemiller, generating sales opportunities and strengthening customer relationships.


(2018 vs. 2017)


Increase in Site Traffic


Increase in Revenue


Reinforce Industry Authority and Increase Relevant Sales Leads

As a well-established induction heat treating service provider, Zion Industries’ growth and success hinged on outside sales and word-of-mouth referrals. But as next-gen buyers and engineers began looking online for new partners, Zion turned to Proximity Marketing to develop a website and marketing plan that would showcase the business’s specialized expertise and capabilities.

From blog articles to on-site tools and downloadable guides – Proximity Marketing developed content supporting Zion’s long-standing industry authority. Search, email and social media marketing strategies were implemented to increase Zion’s online visibility and generate qualified sales leads.


(2018 vs. 2017)


Increase in Site Traffic


Increase in Lead Forms


Develop a Powerful Online Brand and Measurable Leads

Blair Rubber, while a reputable powerhouse among industry peers, lacked the same commanding presence online. Proximity Marketing helped transform Blair Rubber’s online brand to one that reflected their strong, leading offline reputation. Starting with a mobile responsive website, we developed a solid foundation for web marketing success.

In addition to a website redesign, our team manages an integrated web marketing strategy to expand Blair Rubber’s brand awareness, attract new website visitors and generate sales leads through new and existing customers.


(2018 vs. 2019)


Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in Lead Forms & Phone Calls


Increase Search Visibility and Relevant Sales Leads

Proximity Marketing was charged with strengthening Hyload’s national brand awareness. While the business realized regional success from its superior product reputation, Hyload lacked the strategic marketing and amplification to increase their visibility in the marketplace.

We developed a fresh website experience with easy to access content, prominent value statements and clear calls-to-action. Hyload’s ongoing SEO strategy and content amplification continues to increase the brand’s online awareness and quality sales leads.


(2018 vs. 2019)


Increase in Website Traffic


Increase in Lead Forms & Phone Calls


Gain Marketshare with High Brand Visibility

As an established labor leasing firm, Construction Labor Contractors (CLC) had an extensive sales team across 15+ satellite offices. Supported solely by offline marketing and direct sales, CLC realized the business would require a more efficient strategy to fulfill their rapid growth plan. With the help of Proximity Marketing, CLC’s website traffic has climbed from 500 to 15,000 monthly visitors over the course of our partnership.

From major website redesigns, to minor optimization tests, our team continues to improve CLC’s user experience. An integrated mix of SEO, paid online advertising and content marketing supports CLC’s growth strategy, generating leads for each sales office and enabling expansion into new geographic markets.


(2017 vs. 2016)


Increase in Organic Traffic


Increase in Lead Forms


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